Kolaigaran – My Flash review

Kolaigaran – My flash review

Posted on 15th June, 2019

Going to a film without pre-conceived notions or baggage concerning the star, director… has its own merit. If the film turns out well, you are pleasantly surprised. If the movie doesn’t work out for you, you aren’t disappointed. This is the 1st film of Vijay Antony I am watching. And similarly, I haven’t seen the director’s earlier films as well. So, I went to the film Kolaigaran with a clean slate and I was pleasantly surprised.

The film is in the murder mystery/ suspense thriller genre or more precisely you can say, is in the Drishyam genre! Like Drishyam its adapted from a Foreign film and adapted well. The film opens with a slew of disjointed scenes interspersed with close ups of a brooding Vijay Antony which make you wonder what’s going on while at the same time upping the suspense quotient. Soon the plot unravels or so you think. The motives for the killings are established at the end which however are not too convincing. Still you stay invested in the plot which is the high point of the film.

Action King Arjun turns up as a super fit cop and throws up a very mature, controlled performance. He’s in fine form and has a huge screen presence. In the whole film, Antony’s dialogues would not run for more than 2 pages! He knows his limitations as an actor and acts well within those. The character doesn’t stretch him so much on the emoting front either. The heroine Aashima is a newcomer and does a creditable job. Yesteryear star Seetha comes as the heroine’s mom and is perfect for the role.
In terms of making, the film’s editing and background score are high points. Though I thought the BGM could have also used silence effectively in many places. The narrative goes back and forth and the editor and the Director do very well not to confuse the audience. In the screen play there are some plot points which are not convincing but then one can ignore them as they get submerged in the flow.

Overall, the film is well made and is a good watch.

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