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Films and happenings around films have been of a special interest to me right from childhood. I’m not sure if its a passion yet!

As college students, when we watched films, we just didn’t stop at watching. We Analysed them endlessly, gave our taKes, did our own Reviews and wrote our own Stories! Thanks to social media, I had gone back doing these in bits and pieces of late – Writing posts around films, doing flash reviews on FB,..

This blog intends to give this idea and process – some permanence.

So here I am, with this exclusive site for just films!

I have re-posted some of my earlier pieces written on films for my general blog and other websites so that this can be an easy repository of all posts related to films.

Please read, like, share and feel free to comment on the blog posts! And follow this blog for regular updates.

Thank you once again for visiting this site!

Anand Kumar R. S


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