Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal – My (late) Flash review!

First up, 2 pre-requisites.

  1. If you have to watch the film till the end, you have to keep aside your moral compass.
  2. Sit through the 1st 15 mins of the film patiently.

If you do the above, you will simply love the film. The film is about this generation and its quest for a kind of lifestyle keeping all inhibitions aside. The screenplay is of what I call as the “Race” genre ( Abbas-Mastan’s Hindi film franchise) where ‘Kahaani mein twist’ happens in very regular intervals. No more spoilers on the storyline.

Director Desingh Periyasamy navigates us through a not so straight screen play with some deft scene placements which keep us engaged with the characters. Aided to a large extent by a cool cast who all deliver their parts with ease, the director gets to focus on getting the frames, picturisation and other technical stuff right, which he does very well.

Among the lead cast, Dulquer is a treat to watch in this role. This kind of is tailor made for him. His pair Ritu Varma has a meatier role and the transformation in her face and body language as part of the journey of the character are commendable. The surprise pack is director Gautham Menon. As a DCP, he must be the most stylish and suave cop we have ever come across in Tamil cinema! The other supporting cast of Rakshan and Niranjani do enough justice to their roles to get noticed. I think both are debutting in this film!

The film is technically well made. The camera work is stellar. Songs are just about o.k and the background score better for most of the part.

The heist sequences while watching are believable but may not be so when you start thinking about them. This means that the director has already succeeded in his screen play.

And towards the end of the film, if you feel for the lead characters in spite of their moral waywardness, ( I am really trying hard here not to put out any spoilers😐) then, I think that the director has again succeeded to a large extent. That exactly is what  Periaswamy has achieved here.

That old ‘Neenga Nallavara, Kettavara?’ debate continues in Tamil cinema.

P.S: The title is inspired by the song from Maniratnam’s film “Thiruda Thiruda” and what an inspiring choice!


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