War – My flash review

War – My flash review

Posted on 8th Oct, 2019

Another film in Bollywood in the Spy Action thriller genre, this time with 2 hunks – Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff to tango. The film is expansively and expensively shot and well shot too. Though there is no mention of RAW, the intelligence agency anywhere in the film, WAR has RAW implied in it!  But the WAR is not between two countries or 2 entities here but two individuals.
The film opens with a very interesting sequence that sets the tone firmly. The non linear back and forth narrative adds to the intriguing aspect of the screen play and keeps you invested on the screen. The plot alternates between Hritik Vs Tiger and Hritik+Tiger and when you think you guessed the way the screen play was unfolding, there is a twist at the end. Logical fallacies be damned, the screen play keeps one hooked most of the time except for the 2 song sequences which interrupt the flow.
But then this is Bollywood and you have signed up 2 of the most good looking men with amazing pair of legs – so why would you let go the opportunity of making them dance to your tunes even if the setting is a Holi festival in the middle of a secret operation. I said this is Bollywood.

I must say that Hritik after Dhoom 2 has never looked better than what he looks in this film. With a rugged and bronzed look, he emotes in a very controlled manner and looks the part. He makes a strong comeback after a quiet gap and makes his presence felt throughout. Tiger matches Hritik frame by frame and in the scenes they appear together set the screen on fire.

This is an out and out action film and the action sequences are of very high quality and international standards. They could have been shorter and at the end we get tired watching the action scenes going on and on! The background score could have been less head ache inducing. It is too loud all the time and threaten to tear up your ear drums!
The art direction and sets are of top class. Camera work particularly of the action sequences is pacy and at the same time brilliant.

Overall its a well made film and director Siddharth Anand after his last outing Bang Bang does well to to resurrect his career! It is worthwhile to watch the film on big screen though the critics seem to have panned it. If you miss it, Amazon Prime is always there.

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