Tamil Cinema’s Masssss… trap!

Mouse Trap or Elipathayam is a 1981 Malayalam film directed by one of the most acclaimed film directors of Indian cinema – Adoor Gopalakrishnan. This film is considered as a bench mark for art and probably excruciatingly realistic cinema. Films of this genre though, suffered from poor box office response since they could only cater... Continue Reading →

Agni Natchathiram & the emergence of a Hot Star!

(This piece was written for the news website thenewsminute.com and was first published on the 15th April, 2018  - https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/30-years-ago-star-emerged-agni-natchathiram-story-pc-sreeram-79602) This day, exactly 30 years ago, in the sweltering summer heat, director Mani Ratnam’s stylish flick Agni Natchathiram released. A film which defined “cool” to young boys and girls alike in TN those days. It was an unapologetic... Continue Reading →

Kabali and the teaser da!

(This post was first published on the satire website theunrealtimes.com on 22nd June, 2016 as a satirical piece when the Kabali teaser became a smashing hit!) http://www.theunrealtimes.com/2016/06/22/kabali-producers-decide-to-cancel-the-release-of-the-film-and-release-the-same-as-many-teasers/ Kabali producers decide to cancel the release of the film and release the same as many “teasers” In a first for the entire film industry, V. Creations, the producers of... Continue Reading →

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