Student Of The Year -2 – My Flash Review

Student Of The Year -2 (SOTY-2) - My flash review. Posted on 12th May, 2019 There are films and there are Karan Johar’s films. These include films not necessarily directed by him but bankrolled by KJ even. In these films, schools and colleges exist in Alice’s wonderland with manicured gardens, picture perfect stadiums and cool... Continue Reading →

Simmba – My Flash Review

Simmba - My flash review Posted on 30th Dec, 2018 In Hindi films, there are films and there are Rohit Shetty films! Films where - the story is remake of a Tamil/ Telugu masala hit or rehash of a older Hindi film - the setting is usually Goa - Usually logic is at a premium... Continue Reading →

Kolaigaran – My Flash review

Kolaigaran - My flash review Posted on 15th June, 2019 Going to a film without pre-conceived notions or baggage concerning the star, director... has its own merit. If the film turns out well, you are pleasantly surprised. If the movie doesn’t work out for you, you aren’t disappointed. This is the 1st film of Vijay... Continue Reading →

Coming of age of Dil Chahta Hai!

Farhan Akhtar is revered to be a leading film maker in Bollywood today. His sister, Zoya Akhtar has become one of the finest directors in Hindi cinema. Farhan’s production house which he runs with his partner Ritesh Sidhwani is one of the most successful production houses in Bollywood with more hits than misses. But it... Continue Reading →

Ilaiyaraaja-Maniratnam – A well scripted harmony!

(This piece was written for the news website and was first published on the 2nd June,2019 and can be read here: Last they worked together was in the year 1991 and so it has been 28 long years since that last film, Thalapathy! Yet, even to this day, the work they have done together... Continue Reading →

30 years of Apoorva Sagodharargal

(This piece was written for the news website and was first published on the 16th of April, 2019 and can be read here:  ( Directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, Kamal Haasan’s blockbuster film – Apoorva Sagodharargal hit the theatres in April 1989, exactly 30 years ago. This was a phase when Kamal, post the success of Nayagan, had started experimenting... Continue Reading →

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