Can Rajini???

(This post was first published on my personal blog on 14th Dec, 2014) The feeling is almost the same. That feeling when India fails to win inspite of Sachin (or for that matter Kohli now) scoring a masterly century under trying circumstances in a second inning of a test match. Because others fail to... Continue Reading →

Sridevi – when we lost her to Bollywood!

It’s finally sinking in that Sridevi is no more. After initial couple of days of insanity, sobriety eventually prevailed over her unfortunate and untimely death. The whole of India grieved, more so, Bollywood. It shunned the usual raucous Holi revelry this time in respect of the departed soul. It would appear from the many touching... Continue Reading →

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Thank you for visiting this site! Films and happenings around films have been of a special interest to me right from childhood. I'm not sure if its a passion yet! As college students, when we watched films, we just didn't stop at watching. We Analysed them endlessly, gave our taKes, did our own Reviews and... Continue Reading →

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